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Comprehensive Estate Planning for a Secure Future

At Twin Falls Estate Planning, PLLC, our team of professional estate planning attorneys guide you through the intricacies of estate planning, ensuring your assets are safeguarded and your wishes are honored. Our expert team provides personalized solutions to protect your legacy and give you peace of mind.



Creating a will is a crucial step in estate planning. Our team ensures your will clearly states your wishes, providing certainty and direction for your loved ones. With our guidance, you can rest assured that your legacy will be respected and upheld.
Wills Help You Prepare for the Future, Today

Although the Idaho Code has already laid out a will for you, it does not know what you want to do with your affairs or for the loved ones you leave behind. Safeguard your family for years to come with a properly written will produced by an experienced estate planning attorney at Twin Falls Estate Planning, PLLC.

Have confidence that your final wishes are known by getting a plan drawn up by an experienced estate planning attorney.



Establishing a trust can be an effective way to manage your assets and provide for your loved ones. Our experts at Twin Falls Estate Planning, PLLC craft trusts that align with your goals, offering both protection and flexibility for the future.

Provide for Your Loved Ones Through a Trust

There are many advantages to choosing a trust over a will. Trusts can help avoid probate proceedings, minimize the tax burden, and increase your privacy.

Twin Falls Estate Planning, PLLC can help establish trusts that serve many different purposes. Often, trusts are chosen over wills in situations where minor children will need to have a guardian appointed to oversee any property or financial assets until the child(ren) reaches the age of maturity.

Trusts also provide greater flexibility than wills when it comes to the disbursement of payments. Trust funds can be set up to provide regular payments over a specified period of time to ensure your beneficiaries are cared for for years to come.

Twin Falls Estate Planning, PLLC offers comprehensive Trust Administration services — learn more by visiting our Trust Administration page here.

Healthcare Directives and Living Wills

Healthcare directives are vital in making your healthcare preferences known. We assist in creating clear, legally binding directives that reflect your wishes, ensuring that your healthcare decisions are respected, even when you cannot voice them yourself. A healthcare directive is included with any of our Peace of Mind or Family Plan Packages. Otherwise, we can create a standalone statutory health care directive.
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Plan Ahead for Changes in Your Health

The estate planning attorneys at Twin Falls Estate Planning, PLLC have the knowledge required to help you design a trust-based estate plan that fits your needs and circumstances.

There are multiple pricing options for trusts, depending on your estate planning needs. Trust packages begin with our Peace of Mind Trust Package or our Family Plan Trust Package (about the same cost as going through probate). Since we offer fixed rates, you'll know the price before you decide which package to choose.

The right attorney can make all the difference, especially when it comes to your future and the well-being of your family.

Let a Living Will Speak for You When You No Longer Can
A living will from Twin Falls Estate Planning, PLLC makes sure that your healthcare wishes will be followed if you become too sick to speak for yourself. Without these documents, family and friends are often left not knowing what to do.

Other Common Estate Law Services

Power of Attorney

Granting power of attorney gives someone you trust the authority to act on your behalf. We help you designate the right person, ensuring they can make informed decisions that align with your best interests and values.

Because it's such a powerful document, it should only be drafted by experienced estate planning attorneys, such as the ones at Twin Falls Estate Planning, PLLC.


Kids Protection Plan®

Protecting your children’s future is paramount. Using Kids Protection Plan® provides the legal framework to ensure your children are cared for according to your wishes, giving you the confidence that they will always be in safe hands.

If you are in an accident, your Kids Protection Plan® will make sure your children are never taken into the custody of Child Protective Services, strangers, or the care of anyone you wouldn’t want because the authorities don't have clear instructions from you. And your Kids Protection Plan® will ensure your children are raised by people you choose, not someone chosen by a judge who doesn’t know you.

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Continued Planning

Estate planning is not a one-time task. As your life changes, so do your planning needs. Twin Falls Estate Planning, PLLC offers ongoing support, ensuring your estate plan evolves alongside your life’s journey, always reflecting your current wishes and circumstances.

A Continued Planning Membership subscription gives you the ability to visit our office annually to review your estate plan and make any changes to your plan.

The subscription cost is annual, and it must be paid within 30 days of the execution of your plan. Call us now at (208) 733–7200 or get in touch with us online to schedule a consultation.

Whether you are planning for your legacy or handling the affairs of a loved one, Twin Falls Estate Planning, PLLC can help.

Continued Planning Membership Benefits Include
  • Annual in-depth review
  • One trust amendment
  • A comprehensive review of your assets
  • One free thumb drive
  • Updated power of attorney documentation
  • Guided assistance to avoid probate
  • Enrollment into the “My Life and Wishes” portal


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