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3 Reasons It’s Time To Start Looking Into Estate Attorneys

May 20, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a third of the population to understand the need for an estate plan, and while only 31% of those individuals did anything about it, it is never too late to ensure your assets are properly documented (per Estate attorneys work with you during your lifetime to take appropriate measures to protect your estate, while probate attorneys are reserved for the time after you pass away. Here are some reasons why having an estate plan with Twin Falls in Burley, Idaho will prepare you for life and death.

Wills And Beneficiaries

Whether you have children or not, ensuring your assets are passed into the hands of whomever you desire is an important part of planning for death. Siblings, cousins, and close friends could all benefit from your possessions and ensure nothing happens to your property or personal items that you did not want to happen. These close people in your life will also be put at ease knowing that you have an advance directive along with a will and testament, in case you are incapable of deciding which medical procedures you would like to pay for.

Avoiding Estate Tax

Designating beneficiaries to retain possession of your estate may help you reduce the amount of tax they have to pay on the property. Partnering with an estate lawyer may result in a difference in paying 50% less tax on the property and estate of the deceased. While estate attorneys charge their own fees, they are trying to protect your inheritance in the long run and those connected to it.

Avoiding The Probate Court Process

Everything so far has covered ways to protect your estate come the time when you pass away. There is more that you can do during your lifetime than simply signing documents. By giving away assets during your lifetime, you can ensure that these matters remain public, inexpensively mediated, and quick, all unlike the probate court process. Avoiding disputes among relatives and arguments over who should inherit what are all great ways to protect not only your estate but also your family’s reputation.

Estate planning benefits everyone you wish to leave your inheritance to. To ensure they get the most from what you’ve accumulated in your lifetime, consider taking measures early to put assets in their name and reduce the size of your estate. Twin Falls Estate Planning is well-versed in every facet of the process–it is never too late or early to start!

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